Microfluidic Technology



Microfluidic chip is the experimental system of a miniature in inorganic materials and polymer materials, such as substrate control fluid motion, to achieve the function of biological and chemical analysis, so as to realize the process of automatic analysis, microfluidic chip can be precise control of fluid flow, reduced sample processing time, reduce reagent consumption, and miniaturization, integration and portable, and many other advantages, It is especially suitable for rapid detection on site. After nearly 30 years of research progress, the level of microfluidic technology has been continuously improved and significant progress has been made. Commercial products have also been applied to medical, biological and other fields.

Equipped with a complete set of PDMS chip production and testing equipment. It can realize the production, detection and test of PDMS chip. Including weighing tools, rubber mixing tools, used in the vacuum deaeration vacuum drying oven, the heating plate, drying oven, for cutting machine, punching and cutting punch and desktop chip used in the chip and plasma cleaning machine, chip used in the detection process of reflection type turntable confocal microscope, used for chip test equipment such as micro flow pump.

At present, the chip products are droplet generation chip, single cell Raman sorting chip, single cell sorting chip, single cell culture chip.

The research topic is isothermal nucleic acid detection system based on microfluidic technology

Based on the detection of respiratory virus by loop-mediated isothermal Amplification (LAMP) and microfluidic techniques, The aim is to develop a rapid nucleic acid detection system to meet the needs of point-of-care testing (POCT). LAMP has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high specificity, rapid reaction and visual recognition. The microfluidic technology can realize the miniaturization, automation and high throughput of the detection platform. The combination of the two can maximize the speed and efficiency of virus detection.

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