Application Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for experimental design, program formulation, organization and implementation of product-related biological applications and clinical studies;

2. Collated, summarized and reported biological experimental data and reports, as well as original data.

3. Responsible for scientific research communication with experts and scholars in the field of biology and medicine and the promotion of instruments.

4. Responsible for technical support of pre-sales and after-sales test services, and customer relationship maintenance.

Job Requirements:

1. Master degree or above in microbiology, molecular biology or cell biology;

2. Have solid theoretical knowledge of biology and experimental operation basis, including microbial and cell culture, molecular and biochemical technology operation, etc.;

3. Capable of independently designing and implementing scientific research projects and managing research teams;

4. Good written and oral communication skills in both Chinese and English, and the ability to write scientific research papers and project applications;

5. Strong communication skills, able to conduct academic exchanges with experts in the field of biology and medicine;

6. With R & D spirit and positive working attitude, serious and responsible, open-minded, strong learning ability, strong practical ability, high stability and good teamwork ability.

7. Be able to take irregular and short-term business trips.

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  • Building 3, Photoelectric Information Industrial Park, No.7691 Ziyou Road, Changchun, Jilin, P.R.C

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