Science of the Total Environment丨Single-cell sorting of microalgae and identification of optimal con

2022-04-14 15:48:14

On April 6, 2022, the team of Associate Professor Xinyue Zhao and Professor Chunyan Li from the College of Resources and Environment, Northeast Agricultural University, applied PRECI SCS, the core product of HOOKE INSTRUMENTS,a paper entitled "single cell sorting of microalgae and identification of optimal conditions by using response surface methodology coupled with life-cycle approaches" was published in Science of the Total Environment,In this paper, a single cell sorting technique based on LIFT system was used to isolate microalgae ZM-5. After the expansion of culture, a multi-objective optimization was carried out by integrating the life-cycle method of response surface design. The tradeoffs between oil accumulation, removal rates of pollutants (COD, N and P), environmental and economic benefits were evaluated and the ameliorative analysis was performed.



Response surface methodology (RSM) has been widely used to identify optimal conditions for environmental microorganisms to maximize degrading pollutants and accumulating biomass. However, to date, environmental impact and economic cost have rarely been considered. In this study, a single cell of microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana ZM-5 was sorted, and its enrichment was carried out for the first time. The optimized conditions by RSM for achieving the highest COD, TN, TP removal and 352.61 mg/g lipid production were 24 h light time, 4.3:1C/N, 7.2 pH, and 30 °C temperature, respectively. Life-cycle approaches were then carried out upon this illustrative case, and the results indicated that the implementation of the above optimal conditions could reduce the total environmental impact by 48.0% and the total economic impact by 10.2%. This study showed the feasibility of applying life-cycle approaches to examine the optimal conditions of a biological process in terms of minimizing environmental impact and economic costs.

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